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Are you using a whiteboard to track due dates?

AccuQuote keeps you on top of your deal pipeline. Our Quote Calendar allows everyone in the company to see every job, all sorted by bid due date. Our Job List shows you all the jobs that you are working on. Additionally, the job number is a clickable link so that the you can jump in to the details of the quote in seconds.

Are you using a spreadsheet to manage and create quotes?

Accuracy in business is critical. Spreadsheets are great; however, recent studies show that 76% of spreadsheets contain errors. When you need to generate a quote quickly and accurately, you need AccuQuote. Input your equipment specs one time and then re-use those specs every time you create a quote. We also do all the calculations for you and then format a crisp, clean quote document that you can print or email. This process ensures that the equipment descriptions and pricing calculations are correct.

Is management reporting often behind or inaccurate?

AccuQuote tracks every detail on every job in real time – giving you access to the kind of information and reporting you need to run your business. Get the details on every job in every stage. Sort by Manufacturer, pricing, basis of design, job date, estimator, assignment and all follow up notes with the click of a mouse.

Are you still using job folders?

When customers call with questions - you need to respond quickly in order to win the work. If you are still using job folders, you risk running around the office to hunt down a specific job folder. Put this all behind you with AccuQuote. Instantly pull up every job. One of our customers closed a job while in the car by looking up the data on his phone – after he pulled over of course!
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Want to grow your business?

AccuQuote helps manufacturer reps grow their businesses by providing better data that leads to better quotes that close. We show you the status of every job. We track every quote. Everyone is working with the same data. Let us show you how we can help you.

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